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Looking for a reliable target for your shooting practice? Look no further than our GOAST  Ø14 cm. With a diameter of 15cm, this circular target is perfect for short-range shooting with rifles (100m to 300m), pistols and .22 cal.

It's easy to set up,the slot on the top of the target is designed for duct tape. Or you can use ropes, straps, bungee cords, or screws, making it versatile enough to be mounted where you need it be. 

Designed to be used in combination with our GOAST spray paint, this target provides a visual indicator of your accuracy and precision. 


The black side can be used for sighting in, providing hit indicators at 1.5x size of the caliber. 

The yellow side is ideal for pistol or rifle shooting at longer distances, providing hit indicators of approximately 3-6cm depending on the caliber.


Get your hands on this target today and improve your shooting skills in no time

Circular target Ø15 cm

kr 495,00Pris